What is Digital Marketing?


In this new and technologically savvy world, going Digital is what the buzz and the hype is all about. Everyone be they corporates, business entities or large Organizations, are focusing all of their business acumen on getting their brands more leverage space online and in the process routing better, greater as well as faster traffic on to their websites thereby, building on their brand image quicker each time and perhaps every time.


Simply put, Digital Marketing is the advertising and the promotion of businesses and their brands through social media channels. Presently, social media include mobiles, the print as well as the electronic media, websites, radio, television not to mention the traditional non- digital signs including billboards and hoardings. So, any marketing medium done electronically is nothing but Digital Marketing.


The focus on Digital Marketing has been consistently propelled by marketing agencies, consumers and business owners all at once. The ever multiplying need as well as the urge to show quantifiable results by the Digital Marketing agencies becomes all that much more of largesse for these agencies to go Digital even more. It gets easier to track most Digital media and mobile marketing when compared with traditional marketing media like the print media advertising and marketing.


When it comes to business owners, there are many types of Digital Marketing that come at a very low cost. When it comes to the costing factor, web presence, engaging customers online through the social media and email marketing are better alternatives to print media and direct mail forms of traditional advertising.


For the consumers, the incredibly fast pace of life makes Digital marketing mandatory. For the days of flipping the good old phone book for numbers and information have long become a passé. In this day and age of Digital revolution, consumers simply reach out for information on their mobiles or on their computers to retrieve information in a jiffy.


Irrespective of the nature and the size of your business- be they small medium or large, business entities can easily, effectively as well as efficiently market their products and businesses through these low cost digital channels with the edifice of these marketing strategies being their very own websites. To ensure that the businesses get the maximum return on revenues with the minimal of investments online, they MUST ensure that their websites:

·    Adequately represent the look, feel as well as the messaging of both the business and the brand
  • ·        Comprehensively communicates to the target audience
  • ·        Could be found by searchers on top search engines
  • ·        Is easily navigable and kept periodically updated
  • ·        Provide multiple channels for customer communication
  • ·        Connect to other marketing efforts

Once the website is complete, there would be other forms of monthly, bi-weekly and bi monthly e-campaigns wherein the business houses could get to connect through the social media on a really shoe-string budget in house too with a person who possess adequate subject knowledge.

But on the other hand, if business enterprises want to promote their brands, products and services more aggressively, then they would have to set aside revenues for Search-engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising, as many businesses these days heavily depend on online to gain a far greater reach to gain access to newer customers. Now to do that, there has to be better usage of proper and apt key words, Meta data and page content linking strategies that would help enable the websites of the business houses to reach the top in the search rankings.

The pay-per-click option would be slightly more daunting as many of the search engines have a stiff competition for top search rankings and so it would be better if they be supplemented with the organic search engine optimization with a pay-per-click option per se. though it may sound a little daunting in the beginning, with a little bit of time, effort and proper instruction, even this too could be accomplished in-house or with a very nominal cost with an outside agency.

So, what are YOU waiting for? Simply go online and build on YOUR business, brand and services better, bigger and faster.

The future is here to stay. So market YOUR business the DIGITAL way!

SEO Training in Hyderabad

SEO Training in Hyderabad
Digital Growia

Anyone who has desire to learn about the opportunity in digital space can learn SEO. SEO is the building block for any digital marketer and company with a website. SEO training does not require know how of coding or programming or marketing. SEO is a necessity in today's world where in all the IT companies are looking at the sector.

We Offer the best SEO Training.

SEO Training course at the facility in Hyderabad will cover the following:

1. Opportunities to Earn Money Online

2. Make you ready for SEO Jobs

3. Handling SEO Projects as a Freelancer

SEO Training is currently taken Online. Most of the students trained by us offered an opportunity in house at Digital Growia and also provided job assistance at various job openings in the SEO space.

Who can attend this training?

Students pursuing degree can attend SEO training. We are one of the best and only SEO Training institute which offers the opportunity to its students with real time exposure on SEO Projects. As Digital Growia provides SEO services our students get a real time project to work on. 

In our Search Engine Optimization course we cover the latest aspects of Google Algorithm updates, On Page and Off Page Search Engine Optimization techniques. Our SEO course is updated to meet the requirement necessary to analyse, rank and beat your competitors in using Search Engine Optimization.

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